4.2 Managing Roles

Roles define sets of users having similar permissions. Administrators cannot assign users to Roles, it is done only at the LDAP server. There can be any number of roles that are mapped through LDAP server.

Table 4-1 Roles in ZENworks Reporting




ZENworks Reporting automatically assigns this role to admin user in every new organization. It is a special system-level role that is visible in every organization and which organization admins may assign to other users.


Every user who logs in to ZENworks Reporting must have this role.

To view role properties:

  1. Click Manage > Roles, or in the Home page, click Manage Server > Roles.

  2. In the Roles panel, click the role.

    To search for a specific role, specify a search string in the Search field of the Roles panel. The search results display the roles with name that matches the search string.

  3. Select the role in the Roles panel. The role’s properties display in the Properties panel.

    The Properties panel displays the role name, and the list of users to whom the role has been assigned. The list of users display only their user IDs, but if you place mouse over an ID it displays the full name and organization.

To delete a role:

  1. In the Roles panel, select a role.

  2. Click Delete.

NOTE:Admin can delete a role in ZENworks Reporting, but it cannot be deleted from the LDAP server.