5.3 Accessing Bundles

The ZENworks Adaptive Agent provides three ways for you to access the bundles that are assigned to you: the ZENworks Window, ZENworks Explorer, and the ZENworks Icon.

5.3.1 ZENworks Window

The ZENworks Window is a standalone application that you can launch from the Start menu (Start menu > Programs > Novell ZENworks > ZENworks Application Window).

ZENworks Window

The ZENworks Window left pane displays the following:

  • [All] folder: Contains all bundles that have been distributed to you, regardless of the folder in which they are located.

  • ZENworks folder: Contains all bundles that have not been assigned to a different folder. The ZENworks folder is the default folder for bundles; however, your administrator can create additional folders in which to organize bundles, and can even rename the ZENworks folder.

When you select a folder in the left pane, the right pane displays the bundles that the folder contains You can:

  • Install a bundle or launch an application for an already installed bundle.

  • View the properties of a bundle. The properties include a description of the bundle, information about people to contact for help with the bundle, the times when the bundle is available for use, and the system requirements established for the bundle.

  • Repair an installed application.

  • Uninstall an application. This is an administrator-controlled feature that might not be enabled.

  • Postpone Operation. This feature allows a user to postpone the download of contents until the next refresh. The postpone operation appears only when the content being downloaded is fairly large in size.

5.3.2 ZENworks Explorer

ZENworks Explorer is an extension to Windows Explorer that enables bundles to be displayed in Windows Explorer, on the desktop, on the Start menu, on the Quick Launch toolbar, and in the notification area. The following graphic shows bundles displayed in Windows Explorer.

Bundles Displayed in Windows Explorer

The following graphic shows bundles displayed on the desktop.

Bundles Displayed on the Desktop

You can perform the same tasks on the bundles in the ZENworks Explorer as you can in the ZENworks Window.

5.3.3 ZENworks Icon

The ZENworks Icon ZENworks icon is located in the notification area of the Windows and Linux managed devices. You can double-click the icon to display the ZENworks Adaptive Agent properties. Located in the left navigation pane, the Bundles link lets you view the bundles that are assigned to you and to your device.

ZENworks Adaptive Agent

The bundle list includes the following information:

  • Name: Displays the name of the bundle. Click the name to display the properties for the bundle, including such information as the version, folder, icon, help contacts, and the time schedules. Based on the configuration of the schedules for the bundle in ZENworks Control Center, the time schedules are as follows:

    Time Schedule


    No Schedule / Default

    No schedule is configured for the bundle

    On a Specific Event

    Runs the scheduled action when the specified event is triggered such as user login, user logout, or device boot


    Runs the scheduled action relative to a specified number of days, hours, and minutes from when the device is refreshed


    Runs the scheduled action daily at the specified time


    Runs the scheduled action on the selected day of the week


    Runs the scheduled action on the selected day of the month


    Runs the scheduled action on the selected day of the year

    Specific Date and Time

    Runs the scheduled action once on the date and time specified

    Specific Time Interval

    Repeatedly runs the scheduled action every xxx months, weeks, days, hours, and/or minutes from the start time

    On Refresh

    Runs the scheduled action on device refresh


    The scheduled action is always active.

    Date Specific

    Runs the scheduled action on the specified date

    Day Range

    Runs the scheduled action during the specified time interval

  • Status: Displays the installation status for the bundle.

  • Effective: Displays whether or not the bundle can be used on the device. If the Effective box is selected, the bundle meets all system requirements and schedule constraints to be used. You can click the bundle icon Bundle Available icon to launch the bundle.

    If the box is not selected, the bundle cannot be used. To find out why, click the bundle name to display the system requirements and schedule properties.