11.1 ZENworks Endpoint Security Agent

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management protects your device by applying security policies (settings) created by your ZENworks administrator. In addition to using the ZENworks Adaptive Agent to download security policies, ZENworks Endpoint Security Management uses the ZENworks Endpoint Security Agent to enforce the policies on your device. The ZENworks Endpoint Security Agent is commonly referred to as the Endpoint Security Agent.

Most of the ZENworks Endpoint Security Management functionality is exposed through the Endpoint Security Agent interface. In addition, there is a separate Endpoint Security Agent Help file. To access the Endpoint Security Agent and its Help file:

  1. Double-click the ZENworks icon icon in the notification area, then click Endpoint Security.

  2. Under Endpoint Security Agent Actions, click one of the following:

    • Encryption: Displays the Agent’s Encryption dialog box. If a Data Encryption security policy is applied to your device, this dialog box lets you view the policy settings and manage various encryption features.

    • Help: Displays the Agent’s Help file. The Help file provides information about how to use the Agent’s features, such as the encryption and diagnostic features.

    • About: Displays the Agent’s About dialog box. This dialog box lets you access the diagnostics feature as well as other features that your administrator might have enabled.