11.0 Editing a Policy’s Details

After creating a policy, you can make changes to the policy’s details. Changing a policy’s details creates a Sandbox version of the policy. For the changes to be applied, you must publish the Sandbox version.

To edit a policy’s details:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click Policies to display the Policies page.

  2. In the Policies list, click the policy you want to edit.

  3. Click the Details tab.

  4. Make the desired changes.

    For information about the policy’s details, click the Help button in ZENworks Control Center or see Section A.0, Disk Encryption Policy Settings.

  5. Click Apply to save the changes.

  6. To publish the changes, click Publish, then follow the wizard prompts.

    For more information about publishing changes to a policy, see Section 13.0, Publishing Policies.