ZENworks 11 SP4 Asset Inventory - Detecting Windows 8 Metro Applications

October 2016

ZENworks 11 SP4 supports Windows 8 as a new platform. For each Windows 8 managed device, the device's inventory report includes a listing of the device's Metro Applications in addition to the standard list of software products.

1.0 Prerequisites

  • Ensure that you have the View Detailed Inventory right.

  • Ensure that you have a Windows 8 device with Metro Applications installed.

2.0 Workflow Diagram

3.0 Procedure

To view the list of Metro Applications for a Windows 8 managed device:

  1. Perform an inventory scan on a Windows 8 device that has Metro Applications installed.

  2. After the inventory scan is finished, open the device's detailed inventory report in ZENworks Control Center:

    1. Click Devices > Workstations.

    2. Select the Windows 8 device for which the inventory scan is completed.

    3. Click the Inventory tab.

    4. Click Detailed Hardware or Software Inventory.

    5. Click the Metro Apps link in the inventory report.

      The details of the Metro Applications that are installed on the Windows 8 device are displayed.