2.0 Overview

The Share and Subscribe feature allows you to share content across different ZENworks Management zones. The zone that shares content is known as the Sharing zone and the zone that can subscribe to the Sharing zone and replicate the shared content in its own zone is known as the Subscriber zone. The two zones can communicate through the standard HTTP or HTTPS protocols. Some of the tasks that you can now perform include:

  • Publishing bundles and policies from test zone to production zone.

  • Setting up a test zone that includes your production bundles by sharing the production bundles and subscribing from the test zone.

  • Sharing content between different departments or geographically separated zones.

  • Being a service provider that offers a set of pre-canned bundles and policies to your customers.

  • Being able to quickly populate your new zone by subscribing to a service provider’s zone.

  • Having a backup zone where your production bundle are duplicated.

The following graphic depicts the overall process of sharing bundles and policies across two zones by using the ZENworks Subscribe and Share feature: