3.3 Registering to a Zone

In order for a Subscriber zone to receive content form the Sharing zone, you need to first register the Subscriber zone to the Sharing zone by using the Sharing zone server address and Subscriber keys shared by the Sharing zone administrator.

Before you register a subscriber to a zone, ensure that you have the server address of the Sharing zone and the subscriber keys shared by the Sharing zone administrator.

To register to a Sharing zone:

  1. Log in to ZENworks Control Center.

  2. Click Subscribe and Share.

  3. In the Subscriptions tab, click New > Subscription.

  4. Select ZENworks Subscription and click Next.

  5. Click Register with a Zone.

  6. Provide server address of the Publisher zone.

  7. Provide the Subscriber key shared by the Publisher zone administrator and click Connect. You can view the certificate by clicking the View link.

  8. Click Register.

  9. Click Next to complete the wizard with default settings.