4.2 Configuring HTTP Proxy Detail

  1. Click the Configuration tab in the left panel to display the Configuration page:

  2. Click Patch Management to display the seven links (Subscription Service Settings, Subscription Service Content Download, Email Notification, Dashboard and Trending, Vulnerability Detection Schedule, Patch Policy Settings, Mandatory Baseline Settings):

  3. Click the Subscription Service Settings link. The Subscription Service Settings page appears:

    Proxy Server Details page

    The Subscription Service Settings page enables you to configure an HTTP proxy for access to Internet patch subscriptions. The HTTP proxy server allows Patch Management to download the subscription service over the Internet.

    The following table describes each HTTP Proxy Server Details field on the Subscription Service Settings page:

    HTTP Proxy Server Detail


    Proxy Host

    The name or IP address of the proxy server.


    The port number that the proxy uses to route communication.

    Http Credential

    Credentials used to authenticate with the proxy, if required.

    The following table describes the action of each button on the page:




    Enables you to go back to the Configuration page.


    Enables you to save the data entered in the text fields.


    Enables you to reset the data entered in the text fields.


    Enables you to cancel the last action performed.