1.3 Performance Improvements

Performance improvements include pre-computed responses to speed up server performance and enhanced vulnerability detection to speed up client performance.

1.3.1 Pre-Computed Responses

When the number of patches within a given Patch Policy increases to a sizeable amount, the load on the ZENworks Server is high as it needs to cater to on-demand Patch Policy computation requests from every managed device. This in turn results in an increased response time between the ZENworks server and the managed device.

To address these issues, Patch Policies are now pre-computed, which eliminates the need for on-demand computation requests. These pre-computed responses are compressed and saved in the database. This reduces the size of the data transferred from the ZENworks server to the managed device, thereby improving the capability of the ZENworks server to apply patches on the managed device.

In order to benefit from this feature, this update has to be applied to the managed devices as well.

1.3.2 Enhanced Vulnerability Detection

Patch detections now complete more quickly due to some behind-the-scene improvements that increase the speed of patch detections.