2.2 Patch Management Process

The following process map demonstrates how patch information is communicated between the ZENworks Server and the ZENworks Adaptive Agent:

Figure 2-1 Process Map

The patch detection cycle begins each day at the ZENworks Server where a Vulnerability Detection task is scheduled for all ZENworks managed devices (servers and workstations).

For all patches in the Vulnerability Detection task, the ZENworks Adaptive Agent performs patch detection by using the patch fingerprints incorporated into each individual patch, which determines the status (Patched, Not Patched, or Not Applicable) of that patch.

The results of the patch detection scan are sent to the ZENworks Server and can be viewed anytime in the Patches section under the Patch Management tab or in the Devices tab, even if a workstation is disconnected from your network.

After completion of the patch detection cycle, the ZENworks administrator can deploy the desired patches to each applicable device on the network.