2.3 Features of Patch Management

Patch Management has the world's largest repository of automated patches, including patches for all major operating systems and various third-party applications. Patch Management features an agent-based architecture, patch package pre-testing, highly scalable software, and easy-to-use features that allow customers to patch 13 times faster than the industry average.

Its patented Digital Fingerprinting Technology provides a highly accurate process for patch and vulnerability assessment, remediation and monitoring—leaving no systems open to attack. Remediation is fast and accurate with wizard-based patch deployments, support for phased rollouts, rapid verification of patch installations, and more. Patch Management continuously monitors end points to ensure that they achieve patch compliance quickly and then stay patched over time.

With Patch Management, you can be sure that your systems are effectively patched and compliant for successful IT and regulatory audits. Patch Management creates a Patch Fingerprint Profile that includes all missing patches for that machine, ensuring the continued compliance of each end point. Each end point is then continually monitored to make sure it stays patched. Administrators can also establish a mandatory baseline to automatically remediate end points that do not meet defined patch levels, which is a key aspect of regulatory compliance. In addition, because many organizations need to demonstrate patch compliance, Patch Management provides standard reports that document changes and demonstrate progress toward internal and external audit and compliance requirements.

The following table describes the important features of Patch Management:

Table 2-1 Patch Management Features



Patented multi-platform patch management

Enables security of all operating systems and applications within heterogeneous networks, including Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and Linux distributions. US Pat #6999660.

World's largest automated patch repository

Provides the largest repository of tested patches to support all major operating systems and applications used in the enterprise.

Extensive pre-testing

Reduces the amount of development and testing required prior to patch deployment.

Agent-based architecture

Protects laptop and mobile devices that are often disconnected from the network, and reduces network bandwidth usage.

Automatic notifications

Distributes e-mail alerts directly to administrators for proactive security and administrative management.

Patch fingerprint accuracy

Ensures the highest level of accuracy in the detection of security patches.

Multi-patch deployments

Delivers multiple patches to multiple computers in one distribution to increase IT productivity.

Flexible application reporting

Audits and reports on the status of the organization's security.

Policy-based administration

Ensures that all systems meet a mandatory baseline policy, which is a key aspect of regulatory compliance.