A.4 Patch Management System Variables

Within ZCC, you can enter system variables to enable/disable certain Patch Management behaviors. See below for a list of variables and how to enter them. You can enter these variables by selecting Configuration > Configuration Tab > Device Management > System Variables.

NOTE:All system variables are case-sensitive.


This variable, when set to true, opens the Patches tab in a policy that is blank.

Default Value: false

Valid Values: true, false


Enables the adjustment of URL connection timeout duration when downloading patch files (signatures, packages & payloads). Using this system variable can be beneficial when operating in a slow or intermittent network environment.

Default Value: 180 seconds

Valid Range: 0 (infinite) to 3600 seconds (1 hour)


Enables adjustments of the maximum number of patch policy actions. Thus, using this system variable allows users finer control of patch policy child bundle actions.

Default Value: 1500 actions

Valid Range: 100 to 99999 actions


If that is set to true then DAU bundles are created with content type of Patch System.

NOTE: If this is not set prior to existing DAU bundles being created, it is necessary to delete the existing DAU bundles and then re-download the subscription update.

Default Value: false

Valid Values: true, false