8.1 Replacing the Default ZENworks Icons with the New Customized Icons

You need the following 16x16-pixel icon files:

  • Customized Static Icon: A static icon named Application.ico.

  • Customized Animated Icons One or more custom animated icons named refresh_xx.ico, where xx is a double-digit numeric value that can range from 00 to 99. These icons are displayed when the managed device is refreshed.

    You must have at least one animated icon. If you choose to have more than one animated icon, the icons are displayed sequentially based on the value of xx in the filename. For example, if you have the refresh_00.ico and refresh_01.ico icons, refresh_00.ico is displayed first followed by refresh_01.ico.

To replace the default icons on a managed device:

  1. Go to %ZENWORKS_HOME%\bin directory and create an \icons\ZIcon. subdirectory within it.

  2. Copy the Application.ico and refresh_xx.ico icons to the %ZENWORKS_HOME%\bin\\icons\ZIcon directory.

  3. Stop the ZenNotifyIcon.exe process by using the Windows Task Manager.

  4. Go to the %ZENWORKS_HOME%\bin directory and double-click ZenNotifyIcon.exe to restart the process.

When you work with the customized icons, be aware of the following:

  • If you delete Application.ico from %ZENWORKS_HOME%\bin\icons\ZIcon directory, the default ZENworks icon is displayed in the notification area of the device.

  • If you delete the custom animated icons from the %ZENWORKS_HOME%\bin\icons\ZIcon directory, the default ZENworks animated icons are displayed in the notification area of the device during the device refresh.

  • If you choose to delete a custom animated icon file, then you rename an existing custom animated icon file with the same name as the deleted file, the icon associated with the renamed file is incorrectly displayed as the icon of the deleted file in the %ZENWORKS_HOME%\bin\icons\ZIcon directory. However, the renamed file contains the correct icon. This is a Microsoft issue. For more information on this issue, see Microsoft Support.