16.2 Configuring the ZENworks Server to Point to the New Oracle Database

To configure the ZENworks Primary Server to point to the new Oracle database (ORDB2), perform the following tasks on the ZENworks Primary Server:

  1. Edit zdm.xml and edit zenaudit.xml (located in ZENworks_installation_path\conf\datamodel on Windows and in /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/datamodel on Linux) to do the following:

    • Ensure that the value of the Port entry key is the port number on which the Oracle database is running.

    • Set the value of the Server entry key to the IP address of the ORDB2 device.

    • Set the value of the Database entry key to net service name of the Oracle database installed on the ORDB2 device.

  2. Start the ZENworks Services on all the ZENworks Servers in the Management Zone. For more information, see Step 2.c in the Backing Up the Embedded Sybase SQL Anywhere Database on a Windows or Linux Server.

ZENworks Server should now point to the new database.