ZENworks 11 SP4 Troubleshooting Device Registration

October 2016

This document provides troubleshooting guidelines for common problems related to registering devices in ZENworks 11 SP4. If, after completing the troubleshooting steps, the problem is not resolved, you should contact Novell Technical Support for additional help.

1.0 After installing the ZENworks Adaptive Agent on a device, the device is not listed in ZENworks Control Center

  • Can the device resolve the DNS name or IP address of the Primary Server that deployed the ZENworks Adaptive Agent to the device? The device must register with that Primary Server, not with another Primary Server or Satellite Server.

  • If the ZENworks Adaptive Agent was previously installed on the device, force a manual registration of the device. On the device:

    1. Run zac unr -f. This unregisters the device locally, ensuring that it does not retain data about previous registrations.

    2. Run zac reg <Primary_Server_URL> to register the device. For example, zac reg https://zenserver.novell.com. Add the -g option (zac reg -g https://zenserver.novell.com) if you want to force the device to be registered with a new device GUID, resulting in a new object in ZENworks Control Center.

  • Make sure that the time on the device, Primary Servers, Satellite Servers, and ZENworks database server are synchronized (within 2 minutes of each other).

  • Are any registration rules being applied that are placing the device object in a different folder than where you expected to find it. To rule out this possibility, search for the device object in the Workstation folder or Server folder, making sure to include subfolders in the search.