1.2 Database Considerations

Before you perform the upgrade from ZENworks 11 SP3 to ZENworks 11 SP4, consider the following guidelines:

  • If you are using an external database, you need to upgrade or migrate the external database to the supported latest version before upgrading the Primary Server.

    NOTE:If you have Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 running in compatibility mode on the device, you must manually turn off the compatibility mode before you upgrade to ZENworks 11 SP4.

    For more information about the supported database versions, see Database Requirements, in the ZENworks 11 SP4 System Requirements Guide.

  • (Recommended) Select the type of database based on the number of devices in the environment:

    If the existing database does not meet the recommendation, migrate the existing database after the upgrade is complete.

  • For upgrading database, you can either upgrade the database on the same device where it is running or you can migrate the database using a third-party upgrade installer.

    If you are using an embedded Sybase database, the ZENworks Upgrade installer will upgrade and rebuild the database.

    NOTE:On a server that hosts an embedded Sybase database, ensure that you have the required free space, equal to the size of the database file.

  • You can only upgrade to a higher version of the same database. You cannot migrate from one database to another using the Upgrade installer.

  • For all external databases, stop the ZENworks services before performing the database upgrade.