5.1 Ganglia Configuration

Ganglia is a scalable, distributed monitoring system that allows you to gather information about the ZENworks Reporting Appliance system. The default metrics that you can monitor are CPU, disk, load, memory, network, and process.

  1. On the ZENworks Reporting Appliance home page, under Appliance Configuration, click Ganglia Configuration.

  2. You can change the following configuration options:

    • Enable Full Monitoring Services: Select this option to receive and store metrics from other appliances, and to allow the Ganglia Web Interface to run on the same device as the ZENworks Reporting Appliance.

      You can disable Ganglia monitoring by clearing this option. You can perform this only if you have a monitoring system that you want to use for ZENworks Reporting Appliance, or if you want to configure a dedicated appliance for viewing monitoring information. (You can do this by selecting Unicast below; then specify the FQDN or IP address of the appliance where monitoring information is stored.)

    • Enable monitoring on this appliance: Select this option to enable Ganglia monitoring on this appliance.

      • Multicast: Select this option to send monitoring information to other appliances on the network.

      • Unicast: Select this option to send monitoring information to a single destination.

      • Publish to: Specify the URL where Ganglia sends monitoring information while it is running in Unicast mode.

    • Monitoring Tool Options: Select this option to enable the monitoring tool to access this server through http port 9080 using a URL similar to http://:9080/gweb/.

  3. (Optional) Click Reset Database to remove all existing Ganglia metrics from this appliance.

    This option is not applicable to the ZENworks Reporting database.

  4. Click OK.

    For more information about how to use Ganglia monitoring with ZENworks Reporting Appliance, see Section 5.2, Ganglia Monitoring.