What Is Novell ZENworks Personality Migration?

Novell® ZENworks® Personality Migration is part of the Novell ZENworks product line, which also includes ZENworks Desktop Management, ZENworks Handheld Management, and ZENworks Server Management.

ZENworks products provide lifecycle directory-enabled management for all of your network components. For more information on the ZENworks product line, see the Novell ZENworks product Web site.

Novell has partnered with Miramar Systems to provide personality migration. Miramar Systems provides ZENworks Personality Migration, powered by Desktop DNA, to create the personality files. Novell provides ZENworks Desktop Management to distribute Application objects to collect, store, and apply personality settings to associated workstations.

The process of integrating Novell ZENworks Desktop Management and ZENworks Personality Migration consists of installing Desktop DNA, setting up a network directory structure to store Desktop DNA templates and personality files, creating the DNA template, and finally creating two Desktop Management Application objects. The first Application object collects the DNA personality from associated workstations and stores the files in a network location. The second Application object pushes and applies the DNA personality to associated workstations.

Desktop DNA lets you perform faster and more efficient PC migrations, upgrades, and backups. It uses the industry's only patented technology for customizing and automating the migration process of application and personal settings, applications, and data files. For more information about Miramar Systems and Desktop DNA, see the Miramar Web site.

ZENworks Personality Migration provides enterprise customers the fastest return on investment by saving time and resources every step of the migration process. Whether you are migrating to Windows* 2000 or XP, replacing or refreshing old machines, or building a desktop recovery process, ZENworks Personality Migration helps your organization increase IT staff productivity, reduce user downtime, and save money.

Personality Migration lets you migrate the following:

ZENworks Personality Migration supports the following migration types: