MIB Compiler Error Messages

MIBCERR102: Incorrect INDEX clause. The syntax should be INDEX {object name}
MIBCERR103: Unable to parse the value for an unknown or aggregate type. Check the spelling and the format
MIBCERR104: A duplicate number exists in the name-number list
MIBCERR105: Incorrect syntax: Expected '('
MIBCERR106: Incorrect syntax: Expected ')'
MIBCERR107: Incorrect syntax: Expected ',' or '}'
MIBCERR108: Incorrect syntax: Expected '{' after DEFVAL
MIBCERR109: Incorrect syntax: Expected '{' after VARIABLES
MIBCERR110: Incorrect syntax: Expected '{'
MIBCERR111: Incorrect syntax: Specify a non-negative integer
MIBCERR112: Incorrect syntax: Specify the SMI type
MIBCERR113: Incorrect syntax: Specify an integer
MIBCERR114: Incorrect syntax: Specify an octet string
MIBCERR115: Incorrect syntax: Specify a filename after HELP
MIBCERR116: Incorrect syntax: Specify the HELPTAG number after HELPTAG
MIBCERR117: Incorrect syntax: Specify an identifier after ACCESS
MIBCERR118: Incorrect syntax: Specify an identifier after STATUS
MIBCERR119: Incorrect syntax: Specify an identifier
MIBCERR120: Incorrect syntax: Specify the index object or the index type
MIBCERR121: Incorrect syntax: Specify the module reference
MIBCERR122: Incorrect syntax: Specify a number between 0 and 9
MIBCERR123: Incorrect syntax: Expected a string after DESCRIPTION
MIBCERR124: Incorrect syntax: Specify a string after REFERENCE
MIBCERR125: Incorrect trap annotation: Expected a string after SUMMARY
MIBCERR126: Incorrect trap annotation: Specify a string after TYPE
MIBCERR127: Incorrect trap annotation: Specify a time index number after TIMEINDEX
MIBCERR128: Specify the keyword as INTEGER or OPTIONAL
MIBCERR129: Incorrect syntax: Expected ::=
MIBCERR130: Incorrect syntax: Expected ACCESS
MIBCERR131: Incorrect syntax: Expected BEGIN
MIBCERR132: Incorrect syntax: Expected DEFINITIONS
MIBCERR133: Incorrect syntax: Expected ENTERPRISE
MIBCERR134: Incorrect syntax: Specify HELPTAG after HELP
MIBCERR135: Incorrect syntax: Expected NULL
MIBCERR136: Incorrect syntax: Specify an identifier after STATUS
MIBCERR137: Incorrect syntax: Expected SYNTAX
MIBCERR138: Incorrect syntax: Expected ',' or FROM
MIBCERR139: Specify an identifier or SMI type in the IMPORT clause
MIBCERR140: Specify a valid SMI type in the INDEX clause
MIBCERR141: Insufficient memory to compile the MIBs
MIBCERR142: Check for the premature truncation of the file
MIBCERR143: A syntax error occurred in the object ID
MIBCERR147: Incorrect alarm trap annotation: Too many arguments after ARGUMENTS.
MIBCERR148: Specify the identifier
MIBCERR149: Specify the SMI type
MIBCERR150: Specify the module name in the IMPORT statement
MIBCERR151: The definition already exists
MIBCERR152: Specify the missing term in the OBJECT IDENTIFIER definition
MIBCERR153: Specify a valid token
MIBCERR154: Specify a valid SMI type after SEQUENCE OF
MIBCERR155: Unrecognized ASN.1 type after SYNTAX
MIBCERR156: Unrecognized value for SEVERITY
MIBCERR157: The print operation is aborted
MIBCERR158: Incorrect syntax: Specify a string after DISPLAY-HINT
MIBCERR201: Incorrect syntax: Specify a string after UNITS
MIBCERR205: Incorrect syntax: Expected OBJECTS
MIBCERR212: Incorrect syntax: Expected LAST-UPDATED
MIBCERR214: Incorrect syntax: Expected ORGANIZATION
MIBCERR215: Incorrect syntax: Specify a string after ORGANIZATION
MIBCERR216: Incorrect syntax: Specify a string after CONTACT-INFO
MIBCERR217: Incorrect syntax: Specify a string after REVISION
MIBCERR218: Incorrect syntax: Expected CONTACT-INFO
MIBCERR219: Incorrect syntax: Expected DESCRIPTION
MIBCERR223: Specify a correct symbol in the IMPORT statements
MIBCERR226: Incorrect Syntax: Specify an identifier after OBJECTS
MIBCERR227: Incorrect syntax: Expected NOTIFICATIONS
MIBCERR228: Incorrect syntax: Specify an identifier after NOTIFICATIONS
MIBCWAR001: Unrecognized ACCESS type
MIBCWAR002: Unrecognized STATUS type
MIBCWAR003: The value in the name-number list has exceeded 32767
MIBCWAR004: Specify the missing trap annotation