III Automatic Workstation Import and Removal

The Automatic Workstation Import and Automatic Workstation Removal features of Novell® ZENworks® Desktop Management provide simplified, hands-off management of users' workstations.

Automatic Workstation Import imports workstations into Novell eDirectory™ and integrates them automatically. Automatic Workstation Removal removes obsolete workstation data from the directory and from the Inventory database.

The Workstation objects created by Automatic Workstation Import provide you with a way to push software and computer settings down to the workstations by using the Novell Application Launcher™ and Workstation Management policies. For more information about the Novell Application Launcher, see Section V, Application Management. For more information about Workstation Management policies, see Section IV, Workstation Management.

The following sections help you to understand, deploy, and use Automatic Workstation Import and Removal: