59.0 Creating and Restoring Images

Novell® ZENworks® Desktop Management provides tools for creating and compressing images of workstation hard disks as well as images of specific add-on applications or file sets. Desktop Management also provides tools for customizing such images and for making images available to auto-imaging operations through Novell eDirectory™.

Desktop Management Imaging supports devices that physically connect to the network and that meet the minimum requirements for workstations. For more information, see User Workstation Hardware Requirements in the Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Installation Guide. Desktop Management Imaging does not support imaging operations (creating or restoring images) using wireless connectivity.

NOTE:Desktop Management Imaging does not support workstations running boot managers, such as System Commander. Boot managers create their own information in the MBR and overwrite the ZENworks boot system, which prevents the workstation from communicating with the ZENworks Imaging server. If you are using boot managers in your environment, you should disable or remove them before performing imaging operations.

The following sections explain how to perform these tasks: