46.1 Installing AdminStudio ZENworks Edition

AdminStudio ZENworks Edition is included on the Novell ZENworks 7 Software Packaging CD.

To install AdminStudio ZENworks Edition:

  1. Make sure the Windows workstation where you want to install AdminStudio ZENworks Edition meets the system requirements. See the AdminStudio ZENworks Edition Installation Guide for details.

  2. At the Windows workstation, insert the Novell ZENworks 7 Software Packaging CD to display the ZENworks 7 installation program.

    The winsetup.exe program automatically runs. If it does not run, launch the program from the root of the CD.

  3. On the installation program’s main page, click Software Packaging to display the Software Packaging page.

  4. Click AdminStudio ZENworks Edition to launch the AdminStudio installation program.

  5. Follow the prompts to complete the installation, making sure you complete the registration process so that you receive your software key.