71.2 Windows Memory Information

On Windows 2000/XP managed workstations, the Windows Memory window displays the percentage of memory in use, physical memory, paging details, and free space details.

The following table describes the fields in the Windows Memory window:

Table 71-2 Windows Memory Information



Memory Load (%)

Percentage of memory utilization. Zero percentage memory indicates memory usage is nil; 100% indicates that all the available memory is in use.

Total Physical Memory (MB)

Total physical memory in MB.

Free Physical Memory (MB)

Amount of available physical memory in MB.

Total Paging File Size (MB)

Total number of MB that can be stored in the paging file. This number does not indicate the actual physical size of the paging file on the managed workstation.

Free Space in Paging File (MB)

Number of MB available in the paging file.

Total Address Space (MB)

Total number of MB described in the user mode portion of the virtual address space of the calling process.

Free User Bytes (MB)

Number of MB in unreserved and uncommitted memory of the user address space of the calling process.