71.13 Network Drives Information

The Network Drives window displays information about mapped drives, drive capacity, volume label, file system information, sector size, and cluster size. The following table describes the fields in the Network Drives window:

Table 71-13 Network Drives Information



Drive Letter

Mapped drive letter.


NetWare path of the volume or directory to which the drive is mapped. For example, if the zenworks directory on the sys: volume of server zen_kyoto is mapped to drive Q, the path displays zen_kyoto\sys:zenworks.

File System

File system type for the mapped NetWare directory or volume.

Effective Rights

  • Read

    For a folder, grants the right to open files in the folder and read the contents or run the programs. For a file, grants the right to open and read the file.

  • Write

    For a folder, grants the right to open and change the contents of files in the folder. For a file, grants the right to open and write to the file.

  • Create

    For a folder, grants the right to create new files and folders in the folder. For a file, grants the right to create a file and to salvage a file after it has been deleted.

  • Delete

    Grants the right to delete the folder or file.

  • Modify

    Grants the right to change the attributes or name of the folder or file, but does not grant the right to change its contents. Changing the contents requires the Write right.

  • File Scan

    Grants the rights to see the folder or file with the DIR or NDIR command.

  • Ownership

    Grants the ownership rights of the file, folder, or volume.

    If the corresponding rights are not given to the user, Effective Rights displays a hyphen (-).

Long Name Size (Bytes)

Maximum length in characters of a filename component supported by the specified file system. For example, for a FAT file system supporting long names, the value is 255. The value for a DOS file system is 11.

Sector Size (Bytes)

Sector size in bytes.

Sectors Per Cluster

Number of sectors per cluster.

Total Clusters

Size of the volume in clusters.

Free Clusters

Number of clusters currently free for allocation. This number includes the space that is reclaimed from the sub-allocation file system and also clusters freed from deleted files.