IV Installing ZENworks Desktop Management Services on Linux

Novell® ZENworks® 7 Desktop Management includes the capability of installing the following key elements on SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 9 Support Pack 1, SLES 10 server (ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with SP1 only), Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES Linux) 1, or Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES Linux) 2:

  • Desktop Management Server: This software lets you centrally create and manage policies and profiles for users and workstations on a network that includes Linux servers. These policies and profiles enable you to distribute, manage, and update applications, perform advanced inventory and remote management functions, and automatically install operating systems on the Windows workstations in your network.

  • ZENworks Middle Tier Server: This software works with Web Server software installed on a Linux server to set up authentication and communication between the Desktop Management Server inside the corporate firewall and workstations outside the corporate firewall. This communication makes it possible for mobile users to get Desktop Management services when they are traveling. It also allows communication for workstations that do not have the Novell Client™.

NOTE:Of the four prebuilt software “sets” available for the SLES 9 installation (that is, Minimum System, Minimum Graphical System, Full, and Default System installations) only the Default System installation mode for SLES 9 supports ZENworks 7 Desktop Management. All other modes used for SLES 9 installation cause a subsequent ZENworks 7 Desktop Management installation failure.

IMPORTANT:If you plan to install ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with Support Pack 1 (Desktop Management Server only) on a SLES 10 server where Novell eDirectory™ 8.8.1 is installed, you need to make sure that, at a minimum, ports TCP 427 and TCP 524 are opened on the server.

If these ports are not opened, the SLES 10 server cannot be added to the eDirectory tree where you plan to install ZENworks.

The ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Services on Linux installation program lets you choose between these two elements as organized in various combinations called “install sets.” The following sections reflect the organization of these install sets:

For information about installing ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with Support Pack 1 Services on Linux, go to Installing in a Novell Cluster Services Environment and reference Section B.11, Installing ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with SP1 in an OES Linux Cluster Environment.