29.3 Extending the eDirectory Schema

The ZENworks 7 Desktop Management installation program extends the eDirectory schema to allow the creation of new types of directory objects. Schema extension is not a reversible process.

You must run the ZENworks 7 Desktop Management installation on a workstation that has a supported version of Windows and the Novell Clientâ„¢ (see Section 7.0, Preparing the Administration Workstation or Server).

  1. From the installing workstation, authenticate to eDirectory as a user with administrative rights to the eDirectory tree whose schema will be extended.

  2. Insert the Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management CD into the CD drive of the workstation to autorun the ZENworks 7 installation program.

    If the installation program does not autorun, launch winsetup.exe from the root of the CD.

    ZENworks 7 installation program
  3. Select Desktop Management, then select English to display the ZENworks 7 Desktop Management page.

    ZENworks 7 installation program > Desktop Management page
  4. Select Schema Extensions and Product Licensing to launch the schema extension program.

  5. In the Software License Agreement dialog box, select Accept, then click Next.

  6. In the eDirectory Tree for Creating Objects dialog box, select the tree whose schema you want to extend, then click Next.

  7. In the ZENworks License dialog box, enter the license code provided with your ZENworks software, then click Next.

    If you do not have a license code, you can still install the ZENworks software. The full software is installed and you can use it for a 90-day evaluation period. At any time during or after the evaluation period, you can run the installation program again and use the Schema Extensions and Product Licensing option to enter a license code.

  8. In the Installation Summary dialog box, click Finish to extend the schema.

  9. (Optional) When the ZENworks Schema Extension completion dialog box appears, click View Log File to see the extensions that were applied.

  10. In the ZENworks Schema Extension completion dialog box, click OK.

  11. Perform an eDirectory health check (see Section 30.3, Checking eDirectory).