2.2 Creating Policy Packages

A policy package is an eDirectory object containing one or more individual policies. Before you can configure, enable, and associate the policies contained in a policy package, you must create the policy package.

  1. In Novell ConsoleOne®, right-click the container that holds your policy packages, the click New, then click Policy Package.

  2. Select Container Package.


    Select Handheld Package.


    Select Handheld Service Package.


    Select Handheld User Package.

    HINT:To list the policies that are contained in each policy package, click the name of each policy in the Policy Packages list on the left side of the Policy Package Wizard page. The available policies are displayed in the Policies list on the right side of the Policy Package Wizard page.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Give the policy package a short name, then click Next.

  5. Review the information in the Summary page, then click Finish.