4.3 Displaying Handheld Application Object Status

  1. In ConsoleOne, right-click the Handheld Application object, then click Properties to display the General page.

  2. To view the status of a Handheld Application object, click the Application Status tab.

    An application object’s Application Status page

    The results lists the Handheld Application objects distributed by the ZENworks Handheld Management service listed in the Service field, the status of each object, and the version number of each Handheld Application object.

    The status of the application can be any of the following:

    • Canceled: The distribution of the application was cancelled because the distribution it is associated with was deleted.

    • Failed: The application could not be installed by the device.

    • Installed: The application was installed without a problem.

    • Pending: The application has not been distributed yet or results have not yet been made available.

    • Skipped: The device contained the current version of the application or the application has not changed.

HINT:You can force an application to be installed on an associated handheld device, even if it has already been installed on the device, by using the Resend button on the Application Status page of the application object. You cannot force ZENworks Handheld Management to resend an application by deleting the application from the handheld device; you must use the Resend button.