3.1 Moving Among Network Environments

Each network an end user travels to might require different security measures. The Endpoint Security Client 3.5 provides security and protection in locations identified by available network connections. The Endpoint Security Client 3.5 detects the network environment parameters and switches to the appropriate location, applying the needed protection levels according to the current security policy.

Network environment information is either stored or preset within a location. This allows the Endpoint Security Client 3.5 to switch to a location automatically when the environment parameters are detected.

When the user enters a new network environment, the client compares the detected network environment to any stored and preset values in the security policy. If a match is found, the Endpoint Security Client 3.5 activates the assigned location. When the detected environment cannot be identified as a stored or preset environment, the client activates the default Unknown location.

The Unknown location has the following presets:

The three adapter types, Wi-Fi, Wired, and Dialup are permitted in the Unknown location. This allows the computer to interface peripherally with its network environment, and attempt to associate a location policy as described above.