3.5 Updating Policies

New security policies are released to managed users as they are published. The Endpoint Security Client automatically receives updates at intervals determined by the ESM administrator. However, the managed user can check for policy updates when entering a new location.

  1. Right-click the Endpoint Security Client icon in the taskbar to display the menu.

  2. Click Check for Policy Update.

NOTE:Automatic updates and checking for policy updates are not available features when the Endpoint Security Client 3.5 is running as Unmanaged. The ESM Administrator has a different method to deliver policy updates to these users.

The Endpoint Security Client 3.5 notifies you if the policy has been updated.

NOTE:Switching wireless access cards out occasionally displays the Policy Has Been Updated message. The Policy has not been updated, the Endpoint Security Client 3.5 is simply comparing the device to any restrictions in the current policy.