15.2 Exporting a Policy

Policies can be exported from the Management Console and distributed via e-mail or through a network share. This lets you share policies between two or more ZENworks Endpoint Security Management systems.

To export a policy:

  1. In the Management Console, make sure the policy you want to export is open.

  2. Click File > Export.

  3. In the File Name & Location field, specify a destination and give the policy a name with an extension of .sen (for example, C:\Desktop\salespolicy.sen) If necessary, click the browse button to browse to a location.

  4. Click Export.

Two files are exported. The first file is the policy (*.sen file). The second file is the setup.sen file, which is required to decrypt the policy at import.

Exported policies must be imported into a Management Console before they can be published to managed users.