24.2 Using the Administrator Configured Decryption Utility

The File Decryption utility can also be configured in administrator mode with the current key set, and can extract all data from an encrypted storage device. This configuration is not recommended because it can potentially compromise all current keys used by the ZENworks Storage Encryption Solution. However, if the data is otherwise unrecoverable, this configuration might be necessary.

To configure the tool:

  1. Create a shortcut for the File Decryption utility within its current directory.

  2. Right-click the shortcut, then click Properties.

  3. At the end of the target name, and after the quotes, enter -k (for example, "C:\Admin Tools\stdecrypt.exe" -k).

  4. Click Apply, then click OK.

  5. Open the tool using the shortcut, then click Advanced.

  6. Click the Load Keys button to open the Import Key window.

  7. Browse for the keys file and specify the password for the keys.

All files encrypted with these keys can now be extracted.