19.3 Performing an Unattended (Silent) Uninstall

To perform a silent uninstall of the Security Client, do one of the following:

The following table lists additional command line variables that you can use during an uninstall:

Command Line Variable



Specifies the password required to uninstall the Security Client.


setup.exe /s /x /V"/qn STUNINSTALL=1 STUIP=removeZESM"

msiexec.exe /x /qn {C1773AE3-3A47-48EB-9338-7FF2CDC73E67} STUNINSTALL=1 STUIP=removeZESM


Decrypts the encrypted files in any safe harbor locations.

This switch is not recommended. If you use it, you need to ensure that no encrypted files are open (i.e., no open file handles) and that the uninstall program completes before the computer is shut down. If either of these conditions occur, the uninstall fails.

The strongly recommended approach is to have users decrypt files before the uninstall by manually moving the encrypted files from safe harbor locations to other locations.


setup.exe /s /x /V"/qn STUNINSTALL=1 STPROMPT=1"

msiexec.exe /x /qn {C1773AE3-3A47-48EB-9338-7FF2CDC73E67} STUNINSTALL=1 STPROMPT=1