11.2 Adding a Location

There are two ways to add a location. You can define a new location or you can add an existing location.

An existing location is one that you defined for another policy; when you define a location for a policy, it is available to share with other policies. Any changes you make in a shared location apply to all policies in which it is used.

Multiple defined locations (beyond simple Work and Unknown locations) can be defined in the policy to provide users with varying security permissions when they connect outside the enterprise firewall.

To add a location to a security policy:

  1. In the Management Console, double-click the policy in the Policies list.

  2. Click the Locations tab.

  3. In the Locations tree, select Defined Locations.

  4. If you want to define a new location, click New Component on the Policy toolbar.


    If you want to add an existing location, click Associate Component on the Policy toolbar, select the location from the list, then click OK.

    The location is added under the Defined Locations folder in the Locations tree. If you added a new location, the name is displayed as New Defined Locations. If you added an existing location, the location’s name is displayed

  5. Continue with the next section, Configuring a Location.