2.0 Changing the Policy Distribution Service URL

Both the Management Service and the Security Clients must know the URL of the Policy Distribution Service. If you move the Policy Distribution Service to a new server or change the address of the current server, you need to change the URL in the Management Console.

  1. In the Management Console, click the Tools menu, then click Configuration to display the Configuration dialog box.

  2. Click Infrastructure and Scheduling.

  3. In the Distribution Service URL field, change the server name.

    Change only the server name. Do not change any information after the server name. For example, if the current URL is listed as


    and the Policy Distribution Service has been installed on a new server, ACME 43, the URL should be updated as follows:


  4. Click OK.

    The Management Service and all policies are updated with the new location.

You should not terminate the old Policy Distribution Service until the updated policies have a 100 percent adherence level. For more information about adherence reports, see Section 21.0, Generating Standard Reports.