1.0 Overview

In today's computing environments, the majority of new data is on endpoint devices. These devices are mobile and not always behind your perimeter security. Laptops, smart phones, MP3 players, thumb drives and other portable endpoint devices are especially vulnerable to loss and theft. Through wireless connections, endpoint devices can access networks that might not be secure.

At the same time, many users are not aware of the variety of security risks associated with their devices. Other users struggle to understand, implement, and maintain their security software.

Novell® ZENworks® Endpoint Security Management simplifies endpoint security by putting you, not your users, in control of endpoint security. The ZENworks approach is simple: help you protect your network and mobile data by enforcing endpoint security policies that address both known and unknown security risks, whether users are within or beyond the office walls.

The following sections introduce you to security solutions provided by ZENworks Endpoint Security Management, the components that make up the product architecture, and the basic concepts and terminology you should know before implementing your system.