3.2 Saving a Network Environment

You can save a network environment to a location. This allows the Security Client to automatically switch to that location the next time you enter the network environment. For example, your administrator might have defined a Home location. You can save your home network environment to the Home location so that each time your computer detects your home network environment it applies the Home location’s security settings.

If you cannot perform the following steps, your ZENworks Endpoint Security Management administrator has prevented you from saving network environments.

To save an environment:

  1. Right-click the Endpoint Security Client icon in the taskbar to display the menu.

  2. Click the location you want to change to.

  3. Right-click the Endpoint Security Client icon, mouse over the current location to display the submenu, then click Save Network Environment to save the environment.

    If this network environment was saved at a previous location, the Security Client asks if you want to save the new location. Select Yes to save the environment to the current location and clear the environment from its prior location, or select No to leave the environment in the prior location.

Additional network environments can be further saved to a location. For example, if a location defined as Airport is part of the current policy, each airport you visit can be saved as a network environment for this location. This way, every time you return to a saved airport environment, the Security Client automatically switches to the Airport location.