5.0 Policy Updates

Occasionally, your ZENworks® Endpoint Security Management administrator might update the security policy that determines the security settings on your computer.

If your Security Client is running in managed mode, updated security policies are automatically distributed to the Security Client when it checks in with the ZENworks Endpoint Security Management system. Check-in occurs automatically whenever you start your computer or manually whenever you initiate a check for policy updates. To see if your Security Client is running in managed mode, right-click the Security Client icon located in the Windows notification tray. If the menu includes a Check for Policy Update option, your Security Client is managed.

If your Security Client is running in unmanaged mode, your administrator must distribute updated security policies to your computer. Depending on the distribution methods available to your administrator, this might require you to receive the updated policy and manually copy it to the appropriate Security Client directory.

The following sections provide instructions for manually initiating a policy update (managed mode) and manually copying a policy update to the Security Client directory (unmanaged mode):