42.6 Exporting Reports

There are two ways to export a report to HTML, CSV, or XML: you can generate the report and then export it, or you can export it directly without generating it first.

To generate the report and then export it:

  1. Generate a report as described in Section 42.5, Generating Reports.

  2. Click HTML, CSV, or XML.

To export a report directly:

  1. In the ZENworks Control Center, click the Reports tab.

  2. Select the check box of the report you want to export. (This feature is only available for single items.)

  3. Click Action and select the desired format.

Table 42-2 Output Types

Output Type



The system displays the report data in the default browser. However, you can choose another program to open this document, if needed. The HTML styles are embedded in the report output.


The system displays the information as CSV (comma-separated values), allowing you to view the report data in a spreadsheet.


When you view a report in XML, the system displays the information using rows, rather than in table format. You can view this data in any application that can display XML.