11.3 Automatically Registering the Services at the Initial Startup of zmd

zmd can automatically register the services configured in the initial-configuration file. The file is located in /etc/zmd/ on SLES 10 and SLED 10 managed devices, and in /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/zmd/ on other managed devices.

The initial-configuration file contains the URL for the supported services that zmd registers at initial startup. zmd uses the information in the in the initial-configuration file to mount all the services the first time it starts. These services are not loaded during the subsequent startups because zmd records the already mounted services in @localstatedir@/lib/zmd/services. If you want zmd to mount the services listed in initial-configuration every time it starts, you must delete the services file before starting zmd.

To have zmd automatically register devices, you must manually create the initial-configuration file with the following contents:

[URL of the service]
type = service_type
key = service_name

In the file, you can also specify the registration_code for services that need a key for registration.

If you want to use special characters such as $ ! & ; ‘“ in the key value, you must enclose the value within single quotes.

A sample initial-configuration file is as follows: