19.4 Loading Base Packages

You should load the base packages from all the distributions of the managed devices into the catalogs on the ZENworks Linux Management server. This ensures that the base packages are optionally available to the agents and are used only to resolve package dependencies.

To load the packages from the distributions into the catalogs on the ZENworks Linux Management server, you must perform the following tasks in the order listed:

  1. Create a package bundle in the ZENWorks Control Center. Alternatively, you can also use the zlman bundle-create command.

  2. Mount the distribution media or iso and browse to and select the directories that contain packages you want to add to the bundle.

  3. Add the directories to the package bundle by using the zlman bundle-add-package <bundle name > <target> *.rpm command.

    IMPORTANT:You must not assign this bundle directly to the managed devices. Doing so installs all the packages in the bundle on the agent.

  4. Create a catalog and assign the bundle to it.

  5. Assign the catalog to the required managed devices.