19.5 Patching the Client Systems

If you are using the SLES 10 ZENworks Linux Management agents, you can receive updates by registering with the Novell Customer Center. You can then apply these updates to your system by using the rug/zen-updater command. However, this process is not recommended in a ZENworks Linux Management setup because of the excessive usage of bandwidth by the SLES 10 agents to download the updates.

The best way to obtain updates is to periodically use zlmmirror to mirror the updates to the ZENworks Linux Management server, and then assign the mirrored bundle to the managed devices, which saves the Internet bandwidth. The zlmmirror has the advantage of mirroring updates from NU, YOU, YUM, RCE, and RHN repositories to which the ZENworks Linux Management agents cannot register directly. See the zlmmirror man pages zlmmirror (1) for details.