22.0 Using Catalogs

Using Novell® ZENworks® Linux Management, you can install packages using either a catalog or a bundle. A catalog is a collection of RPM bundles or Dell Update Package bundles; bundles included in a catalog are usually considered optional. Packages included in a bundle that is directly assigned is considered mandatory; the packages are installed on all assigned devices (the bundle is directly assigned to devices, the device group, or the device folder). For more information about bundles, see Section 20.0, Using RPM and File Bundles or Section 23.0, Using Dell Update Package Bundles.

The zlman utility is the command-line interface to ZENworks Linux Management. If you need to create and configure a large number of bundles or catalogs, or if you want to automate the process using scripts, you can use zlman. For more information, see zlman (1).

The following sections contain additional information: