34.3 Understanding the Roll-Up Process

ZENworks uses the following process to collect inventory and roll it up to the Inventory server

  1. The Sender converts the hardware inventory stored in the ZENworks 7 Linux Management database into .str files, and places the files into the /var/opt/novell/zenworks/inventory/entmerge directory.

  2. The Sender moves the .str files from the entmergedir directory to the entpushdir directory, and compresses the files as a .zip file.

  3. The Sender sends the .zip file from the entpushdir directory to the Receiver on the ZENworks 7 Server Management or ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Inventory server.

  4. The Receiver places the .zip files in the /entpushdir/zipdir directory.

  5. The Receiver copies the .zip files to the /entpushdir directory and deletes the .zip files from the entpushdir\zipdir directory.

  6. The Receiver copies the .zip files to the database directory (dbdir) if a database is attached to the Inventory server.

  7. The Sender-Receiver logs the status in Novell eDirectory™.