17.4 Assigning Policies

When you assign policies, you specify device assignments and assignment schedules for an existing policy.

When you created policies, midway through the Create Policy Wizard, you were given the choice of clicking Finish or Next.

If you clicked Finish, the policy was created without assigning devices to it, specifying assignment schedules, or specifying groups for the policy. Before the policy can be applied to assigned devices, you must complete the following steps. If you clicked Next, you have already performed the following procedure as part of the policy-creation process.

  1. In the ZENworks Control Center, click the Policies tab, select the desired policy in the Policies list by checking the box next to its name, click Action, then click Assign Policy to display the Policy Assignments page.

    Policy Assignments page
  2. Assign the policy to the desired devices.

    1. Click Add to browse for and select the appropriate Server or Workstation objects.

      You can also select Folder or Group objects.

    2. Click the down-arrow next to Servers or Workstations to expand the list, then click the underlined link in the Name column to select the desired objects and display their names in the Selected list box.

      Assigning a policy to a Group object is the preferred method of assigning the policy. Assigning the policy to a large number of objects (for example, more than 250) might cause increased server utilization.

    3. Click OK.

  3. Click Next to display the Schedule page.

    Schedule page
  4. Select the schedule to apply to the assignments.

    The settings you configure on this page determine when the policy is applied to devices.

    Depending on the type of policy you are assigning, the available schedules vary. See Section 15.3, Schedules for information about the available schedules.

  5. Click Next to display the Finish page.

  6. Review the information on the Finish page, making any changes to the policy settings by using the Back button as necessary. Click Finish to assign the policy as configured according to the settings on the Finish page.

In addition to the preceding steps to assign policies, the following are other options to assign a policy to devices: