1.11 Generating Reports

You can generate reports to display bundle and device information, such as the bundle delivery information for each device or the devices registered in the last 24 hours. The ZENworks Control Center provides several predefined reports and lets you create new reports. You can export the reports to XML, CVS, or HTML formats.

ZENworks Linux Managements lets you generate reports specific to your Dell PowerEdge servers.

To generate a report:

  1. In the ZENworks Control Center, click the Reports tab.

    The Reports list includes three default folders: Bundle Reports, Dell Reports, and Device Reports. Each of these folders contains a set of predefined reports you can run. You can also run all of the reports in a folder by selecting the folder.

  2. Select the Device Reports folder by clicking the box in front of it.

  3. Click Generate to generate the six device reports.

    You can print each of the reports. You can also export them to XML, CSV, and HTML formatted files.

For more information about reports, see Section X, Reports.