1.3 Setting Up ZENworks Administrator Accounts

During installation, a default Administrator account is created. This account provides rights to administer all of your ZENworks system.

You can create additional administrator accounts that provide full access to your ZENworks system. You can also create accounts that limit administrative rights to specific folders (device folders, policy folders, bundle folders, and report folders).

To limit administrator rights, you assign an account rights at the folder level. The root folders are /Bundles, /Devices, /Policies, and /Reports. Rights assigned at a root folder are effective in all subfolders (for example, /Bundles/Workstations) unless specifically overridden at the subfolder level.

Depending on the administrative functions you want an administrator to be able to perform, you can give an account one of the following levels of rights:

For example, if you want an administrator to be able to view bundles that are located in the /Bundles folder and create, delete, or modify bundles in the /Bundles/Workstations folder, you would assign the administrator View rights to the /Bundles folder and All rights to the /Bundles/Workstation folder.

To create an administrator account:

  1. In the ZENworks Control Center, click the Configuration tab.

  2. In the Administrators list, click New to display the Add New Administrator dialog box.

  3. Provide a username and password for the account, then click OK to add the account to the Administrators list.

    The administrator can change the password the first time he or she logs in by clicking the key icon located next to the Logout link in the upper right corner of the ZENworks Control Center.

    The newly created administrator account is granted View rights to all objects in the Management Zone. To grant additional rights, or to limit the administrator’s rights to specific folders only, you need to modify the rights.

  4. In the Administrators list, click the administrator account to display the account details.

  5. Modify the assigned rights. For information about the options on the page, click Help or see Section 8.0, ZENworks Administrator Accounts.

  6. When you are finished modifying the rights, click Apply to save the changes.