D.2 Novell ZENworks Linux Management Imaging Agent (novell-zislnx)

The Novell ZENworks Linux Management client (which includes novell-zislnx) should be installed on devices where you want to apply images. For information on installing the client on your devices, see Setting Up Managed Devices in the Novell ZENworks 7.2 Linux Management Installation Guide.

Installing the Linux Management client automatically installs the Novell ZENworks Linux Management Imaging Agent (novell-zislnx). The Imaging Agent’s purpose is to save certain device-unique data (such as IP addresses and host names) to an area on the hard disk that is safe from imaging. The Imaging Agent records this information when you install it on the device. Then the agent restores this information from the image-safe area after the device has been imaged. This allows the device to use the same network identity as before.

IMPORTANT:To read or write the image-safe data from or to the hard disk, you must set the Mode to Enable in the /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/preboot/novell-zislnx.conf file.

The Imaging Agent is installed on your imaging server by default when you install ZENworks Linux Management.

If a device is new and does not contain a unique network identity, the default settings that you have configured for the ZENworks Management Zone are applied when you image the device using a Preboot Services Imaging bundle.

The data that the Imaging Agent saves to (or restores from) the image-safe area includes the following:

The novell-zislnx daemon is generally run automatically. However, if you want to run it manually, for the command line arguments that can be used with the Imaging Agent, see Understanding Script Arguments.