A.2 Automating Installation of the ZENworks Agent

You can automate the installation of the ZENworks Agent. The level of automation depends on what you want to accomplish. You can simply create a response file that enables users to manually run the install without being prompted for information. Or, you can create the response file and add the installation commands to a script so that users aren't even required to run the install.

To automate installation of the ZENworks Agent:

  1. Create the response file. To do so:

    1. At the Linux device, mount the media you are using for the install: the Novell ZENworks 7 Linux Management installation media, the ZENworks Agent media, or the ISO image.

      For mount instructions, see Step 2 under Section 7.2, Installing the ZENworks Agent and Registering the Device.

    2. Run the ZENworks Agent installation program on a device by using the following command:

      ./zlm-install -a -r path_to_response_file.txt

      Replace response_file.txt with a filename you want. For example:

      ./zlm-install -a -r /zlm7-agent/zenworks-agent.txt

      The steps in this procedure perform a standard installation of ZENworks Linux Management. Depending on your situation, additional options can be used with the zlm-install command. For more information, see Section A.1, Installation Options.

    3. Follow the prompts to install the ZENworks Agent on the device.

      Your answers to the prompts are stored in the response file.

  2. Perform the scripted installation on a device by using the following command:

    ./zlm-install -a -s path_to_response_file.txt

  3. If desired, place the above command in a script (for example, a login script).

    Make sure the installation program and files are available to the device. For example, copy the installation files to a network location, mount the media as a network drive, or copy the files to the device's local drive.