A.5 Installing a ZENworks Server on a Device Configured with DHCP

Installing a ZENworks Linux Management server on a device that is configured with DHCP causes the installation to fail. As noted in Section II, Preparation, the ZENworks server must have a static IP address or a permanently leased DHCP address.

If the ZENworks Linux Management installation program detects that you are installing on a device configured with DHCP, the following error displays:

eDir failed to start properly. Please ensure that this machine is configured with a static IP or permanently-leased DHCP Address.

To resolve this error:

  1. Make sure that the following entry is present in /etc/hosts before installing ZENworks Linux Management: localhost.localdomain localhost

    If the entry hostname.localdomain hostname is present in the file, add hostname.localdomain hostname before the entry to look similar to the following: hostname.localdomain hostname hostname.localdomain hostname

    This change might affect other network applications. You might want to delete this change after the installation is completed. Changing back to the original setting does not impact ZENworks Linux Management.

    NOTE:If you failed to change the hosts file prior to installing ZENworks Linux Management, make the previously mentioned changes in the hosts file and then run zlm-config. You do not need to restart the installation program.

    You might also receive this error with a static IP address if you have more than one loopback address in your /etc/hosts file. The same resolution fixes this problem.

  2. Run zlm-config.